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Software development for better results

Every industry has individual challenges. We support them with reliable software solutions.

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Apps & Desktop Applications

Custom software applications natively executable on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and iPad OS.

Web applications

Development of an application that runs entirely in the web browser. Installation is no longer necessary.

API's & Hosting

APIs for communication between software applications, and hosting of databases and server components.

The development of your individual software

As a project partner, we take over the development process of your software solution.
Requirements Analysis & Conception

The goal of modern software requirements management is for the contractor and client to find a common understanding of the solution to be developed. In contrast to classic requirements management, which runs the risk of specifying requirements in 'glossy documents' too early, with agile requirements management we rely on the active involvement of stakeholders and communication that allows for short feedback cycles.

Typical order concepts

  • Business Dashboard: Custom data visualization of all relevant business processes
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): control of areas such as HR, manufacturing or supply chain
  • Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC): collection of data on conditions and processes in the plant
  • Web Portals & Platforms: Web application with interactive elements and user accounts
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI program for company-specific decision-making processes
  • ChatGPT Enterprise Integration: A DSGVO Compliant Integration of the OpenAIĀ® Application
  • iOS & Android Apps: Applications optimized for mobile use incl. listing in app stores
  • Testing audit before release

    Software Testing Audit Frankfurt
    Software Architecture & Design

    Software architecture and design are important aspects in the development of your software. Our architects describe the large structures and technologies of an application, while the designers focus on the smaller details and interactions. A well-designed architecture makes it possible to deliver high performance for the application's purpose, as well as to easily make changes to the applications afterwards. A good design, on the other hand, provides a pleasant user experience and enables an efficient way of working. In order to ensure our quality standards in both areas, we use a multi-stage testing pipeline throughout the development process.

    Testing audit before release

    Software Testing Audit Frankfurt
    Maintenance & application operation

    Maintenance and application operation define the life cycle of a software. Maintenance includes activities such as function updates, bug fixes via OTA updates and optimisations that contribute to keeping the application secure and efficient. Application operations, on the other hand, refers to the permanent services that help keep the application available and accessible. For example, hosting and the monitoring and management of servers and domains. We ensure successful maintenance and smooth application operation through good process coordination and open communication with all stakeholders.

    Secure operation

    Software Hosting Wartung Betrieb Frankfurt

    Selected technologies & partners

    We strive for technological sovereignty for our customers. This aspiration makes a focus on selected technologies and partners imperative.

    Rust Programmierung Frankfurt
    Cortina-Consult Datenschutz Frankfurt
    OWASP Cybersecurity Frankfurt
    Testim Softwaretesting Frankfurt
    Tauri Software Frankfurt
    Cypress Softwaretesting Frankfurt

    What makes our applications stand out

    Modern methods ensure the high performance and stability of our applications.

    Intuitive UI/UX

    Easy operation is part of every good application. If necessary, we cooperate with IEC 62366-1 trained suppliers for medical applications.

    Individual design

    We use an existing corporate design or deliver a design according to the current status quo in the field of application development.

    Long-term support

    We provide extensive maintenance and security updates for up to 10 years on request.

    Software monitoring

    After delivery of the software, we check its reliability using ongoing automatic testing and monitoring components.

    Cybersecurity by Design

    The security of the software is already taken into account in the development process. Cybersecurity is part of the complete life cycle of an order.

    Incident Response Service

    A member of staff is always available to supervise the project. Any anomalies that occur are dealt with directly.

    Hosting in Germany

    All core components are hosted in Germany. All data centers are ISO-27001 certified and have redundant data storage.

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we automate complex workflows and processes where it makes sense.

    DSGVO Compliance

    NorthRock employees are specially trained on the topic of data protection and security. The DSGVO is fully implemented at our company.

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